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Bespoke Tri-active Fat Loss Treatment

60 mins | $58 (inclusive of GST)

Usual Price | $320 ($342.40 wGST)

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Fat Loss Procedures

During the 60 mins session we will carefully examine the body type, measure vital circumferences and design a bespoke treatment for you working on 2 major areas

  • Exfoliate the skin with cocktail fruit peel
  • Select personalized slimming equipment that works for your specific body type
  • Bespoke slimming massage
  • Bespoke serum and slimming lotion/cream

About the Treatment

No matter how much you exercise or diet, it can be hard to shift stubborn pockets of fat. For many people, this can lower confidence and destroy motivation. Healing Touch Bespoke Tri-active Fat Loss provides the ideal treatment that not only helps you to lose weight but also to banish unwanted fat from these stubborn areas.

Tri- active fat loss treatment is a 3 prong approach to naturally expel unwanted fats from your body.

Our Bespoke Tri-active Fat Loss treatment

  • Burns fat
  • Detoxify
  • Tone and sculpt the body

All within 1 treatment

When incorporated alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle, Bespoke Tri-active fat loss is the perfect treatment for removing fat permanently in those stubborn areas while firming up the skin and muscles.

Backed by money back satisfaction guarantee

Clinically proven products

  • Methode Physiodermie (from Switzerland)
  • Sorisa (from Spain)

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