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Most people associate massage with expensive services offered at day spas. For some, the thought of getting a nice, relaxing massage from the comfort of your home without a licensed professional masseur sounds farfetched. If you are among the skeptics, you will be pleased to learn that self-massage can be easily learned, and produces great results. On your own, you can be able to achieve a calm mind, pain relief, better digestion and improved muscle tone, simply by carrying out basic self-massage. Having the skills to do a proper self-massage ensures that you do not have to wait for special occasions to treat yourself, nor will you be helpless in dire need of physical therapy.


If you intend to carry out the process, it is necessary to prepare both mentally and physically. Taking some time to sit in a quiet place as you relax is the ideal preparation for the session. Engaging in deep breathing techniques to totally relax your body also helps. You may choose to be seated or lying on your back. Wear loose clothing. Avoid heavy meals before the session to help in achieving a relaxed state of mind sooner. However, taking some healthy drinks such as water or fruit juice is recommended. Being hydrated is important because it allows the flushing of any toxins released after the session. Once you feel your body is ready for the massage, you can now proceed.

Massage for Headaches

It is possible to get rid of most of the common headaches by using the rubbing technique. The two main causes of throbbing headaches are constricting of vessels and tense muscles. To clear the headache, first concentrate your efforts on your face. You begin by placing both thumbs close to the eyes and above the nose but just below the forehead. You then proceed to squeeze the bridge of your nose while pushing the thumbs towards each other. Apply some pressure but not enough to cause pain. When the thumbs are close, hold for a few seconds then repeat the process about 4 to 5 times. Once done, you should keep your thumbs on the same place but this time facing upwards towards the forehead and just above the eyes. Make the rubbing motion again and repeat about 3 to 5 times. Next, place your three center fingers on your temple and rub gently with a circular motion. After doing that a few times, twist your neck in a circular motion while rubbing the nape area at the base of the skull. These actions should clear your headache in a few minutes.

Tummy Rub

A tummy rub is one of those actions that you should take on a regular basis. Apart from offering relief from a tummy ache, it aids in digestion. You are required to place both palms of your hands on the stomach and then proceed to rub in a clockwise direction. Depending on the severity of the tummy ache, you should experience some relief after rubbing for a few minutes. It is advisable to rub in a clockwise direction, following the flow of food through the intestines. The massage action therefore boosts digestion and removes discomfort in your midsection.

Neck Massage

Any tension in the neck is usually causes discomfort, leading to shoulder pain and headache. A neck rub involves crossing your left arm across your chest to rub the right side of your neck just above the shoulder. It is best to apply adequate pressure while rubbing. At the same time, you can rotate your head as you move up the neck area. You then use our right arm to repeat the same process while rubbing all the way to the base of the skull. You can also press your shoulder blade while rotating your shoulder for both sides.

Tennis Ball for Feet

If you feel your feet are tired and you have no one close by to rub them, a tennis ball can work wonders on you. All you have to do is lean on a wall for support and slowly place one leg over the tennis ball. Gently apply your weight over the ball and slowly roll it under your foot from the arch, heel to the toes. Repeat the process a few times before moving to the other foot.

In a pinch, self-massage does the trick, giving you quick relief at moment’s notice, free of charge. Nevertheless, there still is an invaluable quality in the services of a seasoned masseur. Spa visits are a wonderful experience. The tranquil ambience heightened by delightful aromas in heated rooms, sometimes accompanied by soothing music and nature sounds provide the perfect setting for relaxation. You have a variety of treatments to choose from, to be delivered by trained professionals. In addition, not all spas cost an arm and a leg just to get them kneaded and rubbed. Visit our massage page and choose from our many massage treatments you can avail. Check here.