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When it comes to skincare, we pay too much attention on our faces and neglect the rest of the body. We religiously cleanse and exfoliate facial skin, forgetting that the layers neck and below need care as well. If you think about it, the skin is the largest organ in the human body, and one of its purposes is to expel waste products. In other words, it is a crucial detoxification agent. This function can be hampered by the accumulation of dead skin cells, which tend to clog the skin if exfoliation is not done regularly, causing various health problems.

Dry skin brushing, in addition to preventing the accumulation of dead skin cells also carries many other benefits.

1. Stimulation of the body’s lymphatic system

In the body, there is a process called lymphatic drainage. This is where waste products (toxins) from various tissues are drained into the blood through the lymphatic system for elimination. Over time, lymphatic congestion can occur, preventing lymphatic drainage from taking place efficiently. It results in a build-up of toxins that cause disease. Dry skin brushing stimulates the lymphatic system to release waste products into the bloodstream thus aiding detoxification.

2. Improves waste removal through the skin

The skin is a major waste elimination organ. It is estimated that about one pound of waste is eliminated through the skin every day. Dead skin cells the pores in the skin through which this waste is purged. In therefore accumulates in the body leading to various developing ailments. Dry skin brushing gets rid of these skin cells, opening up the way for waste elimination.

3. Improved blood circulation

The action of brushing increases the amount of blood flow to your skin. This has two major advantages. First, it enhances the process of elimination of metabolic waste. Secondly, it makes the skin take on a healthier and better-looking appearance.

4. Exfoliation

As mentioned in the beginning, people tend to focus care solely on facial skin. By dry skin brushing, the rest of your body enjoys the benefits that come with regular exfoliation. One major benefit of exfoliation is glowing skin. You may not have noticed it, but an accumulation of dead skin cells dulls the skin and makes it look unhealthy and ailing. Exfoliation reverses this effect, giving skin a virtual polish.

5. Stress relief

At times, dry skin brushing acts in the same way as a massage. The major differences are that there is no oil involved and it involves the use of a specialized brush tool. But the effects are equivalent when it comes to reliving stress. It can help ease muscle tension, relax the mind and keep routine anxiety at bay. In addition to calming the body and mind, the process has often been described as invigorating. The increased blood flow makes you feel more energetic.

6. Reduction of skin cellulite

The appearance of cellulite can be reduced through dry skin brushing. Hard fat deposits under the skin are softened, and spread out more evenly. To keep the cellulite under control however, it is important to follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

7. Helps in skin rejuvenation

As with all organic tissue, your skin constantly changes. The cells that make them up die and new ones replace them in a process is called cell rejuvenation. It is responsible for keeping your skin young and healthy looking. In older people, the process diminishes. Dry skin brushing enhances the rejuvenation process by loosening up old cells and encouraging new ones to grow.

8. Improvement of the nervous and immune systems

There are millions of nerves spread throughout your skin. Dry brushing increases their sensitivity, which heightens your body’s ability to detect and react to external stimuli. Another important benefit of dry brushing is the boosting of the body’s immunity. When you combine the increased rate of waste elimination from the body with improved blood flow, what results is a much stronger immune system.

The benefits of dry skin brushing go much deeper than the surface. If you can diligently observe facial care, it only takes an extra step to overall better health – and better looks.

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