Body Wraps for Slimming: 5 Proven Results - Healing Touch Spa Singapore

Body wraps traditionally started out as a treatment where Ace bandages or plastic wrap was tightly wound around the body, to bring about speedy weight loss, via vasolidation. Nowadays, a spa-centric body wrap is focused on a weight loss or therapeutic treatment, and is usually composed of algae, seaweed, mud, clay, lotion, or herbal/fruit extract – which is generously slathered around the body for a couple of minutes, before being rinsed off. Alternatively called a ‘body cocoon’ or ‘body mask’, a wrap can be a detoxifying or hydrating treatment – depending on the materials that go into its making. Often starting out with exfoliation through dry brushing or a stimulating scrub, a body wrap commences with lying down on plastic, mylar, towels, or sheets. Once the product has been applied on the body, you’re cosily wrapped for approximately 30 minutes, and allowed to relax, and sweat out all the bodily toxins. This is followed by a special shower, and an application of moisturiser, to help seal in the moisture. Reduced water weight, and optimal hydration levels are just a few of the advantages you stand to gain from by opting for this therapeutic treatment. Here are 5 proven benefits of body wraps for those considering their holistic advantages:

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Speedy Cellulite Elimination

Those considering weight-loss or cellulite-reduction treatment to address their bodily concerns are the ideal clients for body wraps, as this aids in giving skin a taut look, and dropping unwanted water weight.

Exfoliation of Dead Cells

An effective exfoliating agent such as sea salt, pumice, sugar, or any other natural ingredient is ideal for sloughing away dead skin cells, and this is exactly what happens during this step. This preps the skin for the next step, which is moisturisation.

Baby-soft Skin

Regardless of the type of body wrap you opt for, you can look forward to soft and smooth skin. The combination of wrap solutions and added heat, works in tandem to deliver intensive moisture to the body.

Skin Detox

Some materials such as clay, mud, and algae, are known to draw out impurities from the body. This leads to skin purification and reduced acne, which is ideal for those with problematic skin.

Heightened Relaxation

Spending some quality time alone in a dimly-lit room, accompanied with soothing music and sweet smells is great for de-stressing and reenergizing. This helps you rejuvenate on a physical and mental level.

A body wrap is great for slimming, and also works to improve skin ailments as well as cellulite. This takes pampering to a whole new level, and also leads to smoother, suppler skin.

At Healing Touch Spa, we provide a specialised Touch Detox & Slim Therapy for those who seek to complement their weight management plan or look their best for a special occasion. Learn more about our natural therapy here.