Hot Stone Massage - It Just Got an Upgrade - With Temperature Control

Hot Stone Massage – It Just Got an Upgrade

(Hint: It now comes with temperature regulator)


  Are you longing to free up your muscles and joints from stress and tension? Tired of constantly complaining from pain and aches all over your body? A hot stone massage may just be the solution you need. Hot stone massage is a type of massage therapy wherein smooth, flat, heated volcanic stones are warmed up to about 50 °C and then placed or rubbed on the body. Hot stone massage is known to have been first used by Indians 5000 years ago, and was called Ayurveda. About 3000 years later, the Chinese adapted the modality by using heated Bian stones which aims to improve health and relaxation. Hot Stone massage is getting more popular these days. But what’s so enticing about it that more and more people continue to patronize it?

  • Soothing on tensed and stressed muscles
  • Boost immunity
  • Promotes better mood
  • Revitalizes our body’s energy
  • Improve blood circulation
  • So pampering it is addictive
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With all the good things that Hot stone massage can offer, some still raise questions about its safety. There are issues when a service can go horribly wrong and the client gets burnt because of overheated stones. These overheated stones can also burn the therapist. Communication may also be a problem because not all clients are vocal about the discomfort they experience when undergoing the massage.

Introducing Moxa Massage, which is essentially a deep tissue massage supplemented by a hand held heated Bian stone device with temperature regulator. Bian stones release ultrasonic pulses that can boost the body’s immunity.

  • Melt tension difficult to release by hand massage
  • Restores the flow of energy throughout the body
  • Provides relief from menstrual cramps
  • Rejuvenate the womb

With temperature control, customers can be totally immersed in the soothing waves of heated Bian stone along with the pampering strokes of your therapist. Bye bye to overheated hot stones. The device can be conveniently handled by your therapist and does not put your therapist’s hands at risk of getting burned. Certainly a full upgrade for hot stone massage.

Moxa Massage with heated Bian stone is now available at all Healing Touch outlets for only $62 an hour before GST. Those interested may book online at