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Puffy eyes and dark circles are common issues faced by a number of us today. They can be attributed to a number of causes, including inherited facial characteristics, allergies, tension, eye fatigue, as well as personal skin traits like texture. Swelling around the eyes indicates an excessive accumulation of fluids, called edema, in the surrounding region. This can occur due to numerous factors, such as over-consumption of salt, sinus, dehydration, lack of sleep, stress, crying, ageing, and even inherited genes.

Since the skin around the eyes is the thinnest in the body, swelling and discolouration are common concerns. It’s disappointing to note that dark circles and puffiness around the eyes contribute to ageing one’s appearance much more than wrinkles and grey hair. However, there’s still hope for those of us who seek to minimise the appearance of eye bags and dark circles, and possibly even get rid of them. The following natural remedies are a refreshing choice for perking up tired and puffy eyes:

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Use Cucumber Slices & Tea Bags

Place chilled cucumber slices on your closed eyes, making sure to cover the discoloured area. These are proven to help reduce puffiness and refresh the delicate eye area, thus providing relief from fatigue. This can be done on a daily basis while lying down for approximately 10-15 minutes. You can also try placing cool and damp tea bags over your eyes for the same amount of time. The tannin found in tea bags is excellent for minimising swelling and discolouration, and this is a great morning practice for relieving tired eyes!

Apply Eye Cream

An under-eye cream that’s enriched with vitamin K and retinol works to reduce puffiness and even out the skin around the eyes. There’s a possibility that dark circles are caused due to a deficiency of vitamin K and therefore long-term daily usage of such creams can have a beneficial effect.

Cover Circles with a Frozen Spoon

Put a spoon into the freezer for 10-15 minutes, and use that to cover your dark circles. Hold it against your closed eye until the spoon is warm, and look forward to rejuvenated eyes!

Get your Beauty Sleep

Lack of sleep can cause the skin to become paler, which boosts the appearance of darkness under the eyes, and reduces circulation. It’s also essential to remove all traces of eye makeup before you call it a day, as this by itself can contribute to ageing. Since alcohol and drugs can affect the quality of your sleep, it’s best to avoid consuming them or limit their usage. An additional intake of vitamins and minerals coupled with a healthy diet can assist in boosting sleep quality.

Splash Cold Water on Eyes

Splashing cool water on eyes can help in reducing puffiness, and also works to refresh tired eyes. This simple step cleans and stimulates your eyes, and is known to tone up surrounding muscles and also brighten your peepers.

Reduce Salt Intake

It’s a known fact that excessive intake of salt leads to fluid retention as well as puffy eyes. Cutting down on pre-packaged sodium-rich foods is important to not just avoid puffiness around the eyes, but also lead an overall healthier lifestyle.

Since natural solutions come with no potential side effects, it’s best to stick to such remedies for everyday eye maintenance. These remedies work to ensure external as well as internal eye health, and complement your daily routine in numerous ways.

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