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We’ve heard this myth all too often: spraying water on your face adds moisture to your skin in the dry environment of an airplane. The truth, however, is exactly the opposite – misting water on your face continuously will actually make things worse, as your skin will be even drier once the water evaporates. Moisture is prone to acting like a magnet, and it attracts other forms of moisture and always goes to the driest area, which happens to be the cabin air. Hence, misting your skin with plain H2O will dehydrate your skin and leave it feeling tight and dry. If you must use facial mist, make sure it contains hydrating ingredients such as glycerine or aloe vera, which help lock in essential moisture into the skin. In addition to this, you should also ensure that you drink enough water, which is necessary for healthy cells, and apply a rich moisturiser, which helps hydrate the topmost layer of the skin. If you happen to be traveling in the daytime, remember to use sunblock – as UV rays are much more intense at higher altitudes and can thus lead to greater skin damage.

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It is extremely important to take care of your skin while travelling, to prevent unwanted dryness. If you’re opting for air travel, it’s important to pay special attention to your skin to keep it looking and feeling its best. Skin cells are akin to fish – they require water to function and by depriving them of it, you end up compromising on not just their appearance, but their overall health as well. The following simple tips can help you maintain the health of your skin and keep it looking beautiful, day in and out:

Sun Protection

It’s advisable to use a sunscreen moisturiser, applied on top of a hydrating serum, which helps create a protective seal on top of the skin. This helps avoid moisture loss, which is all the more important in a dry, pressurised cabin.

Drink Up

Ensure that you drink plenty of water, which works wonders for your system. Drinking water might not be the most effective tip for skin hydration, but it is necessary for optimal skin health.

Avoid Misting & Moisturise More

The air inside a plane is already dry; hence it tends to attract water from all sources. When you spray water on your skin, the air saps it away from its different layers and leaves it parched. If you want to treat your skin during your flight, it’s best to moisturise with an additional layer, which helps with moisture retention.

Opt for a Mild Scrub/Peel

Air travel can take its toll on skin. After you’re done with travelling, it’s best to use a mild facial scrub or light acid peel, which remove dry cells from the skin’s surface. Henceforth, rinse it all off and apply a serum followed by a moisturising mask, which work to restore the skin’s moisture levels.

Protect Lips with Lip Balm

Don’t forget to carry a lip balm wherever you go, especially while travelling. Avoid licking your lips, which further accentuates dryness and leaves lips cracked and dry. A lip balm with SPF will provide much-need sun protection and help retain the moisture on your lips.

Your skin is the largest bodily organ you have, and plays a big role in protection from external aggressors. It just takes a few simple steps to maintain its health, so why not start today!

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