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Getting from one point to another always entails a successful plan of action. This holds true for weight loss as well. By planning ahead, you can literally convert all your thoughts into action, and also have a great weight loss success story to tell. Realistic, well-planned weight-loss goals can help you transition to a healthier lifestyle – and it all starts with a new way of thinking. Before you start setting goals, however, you need to determine if you really need to lose weight. The focus should be on what’s good for our bodies, and not on what we think we should look like!

Candidates for weight loss include those with a Body Mass Index of more than 25, a waist-hip ratio of higher than .8 for women and higher than 1.0 for men, and an abdominal girth measurement of more than 35 inches in women and 40 inches in men. Once these have been established, you can follow the goal-setting standard, which needs to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and tangible. Regardless of how big or small your goal is, smart planning and goal setting is the starting point of all achievements. The following guidelines can work wonders for your body:

Set Specific Goals

Your planned goal should be easily understood and very obvious. For instance, getting fitter is a very general way of putting it. Being clear about how you are going to lose weight will make it a whole lot easier to manage. Stating that you want to start exercising, or eat organic or quit smoking will put forth a certain goal to work on. By picking weight loss as a goal, you can move forward in that particular direction.

Make it Measurable

Simply aiming to lose weight is not enough. It’s important to keep tracking one’s progress and adding a number to your goal. This will help you move forward knowing exactly how far you’ve progressed, and also lets you assess how much is left to attain. Strive to review your progress each week and make it a habit to plan ahead for the following week.

Focus on What’s Attainable

It’s best to start out small. Consider your fitness level before charting out a personalised workout routine, which also takes into account health concerns, available time as well as motivation. A goal that’s too farfetched will be frustrating to work on, and something that’s too easy will not keep you inspired enough to go the whole way. For instance, weight loss of 5-10% is achievable for most overweight people, and aiming for a number within this percentage value is a sensible idea.

Plan for Setbacks

Anyone who’s trying to make changes in his or her life knows that setbacks are bound to occur along the way. Therefore, it makes sense to identify potential roadblocks, such as an office party or a family get-together and come up with different strategies to effectively tackle them. This will enable you to stick to your goal without wavering, or get back on the track you intend to follow.

Be Open to Reassessment

As you progress in your weight-loss plan, it’s also imperative to be willing to tweak your goals. For instance, planning for bigger challenges after starting out small is a good idea, as it fires up your enthusiasm and keeps you driven to achieve more. Alternatively, you may need to adjust your goals to complement your new lifestyle.

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