Eye Treatments - Top Rated Spa in Singapore

Restore the sparkle in your eyes with these treatments.

If the eyes are the mirror to the soul, many of us have souls that look puffy, dark, tired, exhausted and wrinkled. Fortunately, Healing Touch has a range of eye treatments to drain away puffiness, improves blood circulations, erase fine lines and take years off the face.

Restore the sparkle in your eyes with these treatments. Available as add-ons to any facial treatments.

ThermaLift Instant Eye Lifting Treatment

Usual $256.8 (incl GST)

Thermalift employs a clever combination of dermal stamping and gliding of deep radio frequency (RF). RF energy interacts with the tissue to produce a thermal change causing a controlled thermal damage, which encourage the collagen fibers to contract without overheating. This then creates a “trauma”, activating the natural wound-healing response in our skin which compels our cells to produce new collagen and elastin. As this new collagen is stimulated, it causes immediate and long term skin tightening.

This rejuvenating eye treatment lifts the eyebrow and droopy eyes, encourages skin renewal, reduces fine lines and improves skin texture. Results is instantly visible and continues to improve few days after treatment as the collagen and elastin begins to renew.

Imperial Guasha Eye Treatment

Usual $90.95 (incl GST)

An ancient imperial beauty secret of Japanese Guasha rediscovered, designed and delivered to lift, firm and drain fluid around the eye area. Bio ceramic Guasha plate contains natural energy to stimulate blood circulation and oxygenate the skin cells to combat dark eye rings. Applying specific lymphatic drainage technique, it drains excess fluid around the eye contours to visibly reduce puffiness. Complete with Active Collagen eye mask, the side benefits are reduced fine lines and lifting of the eye corner.

Sonophoresis For Puffy Eye Treatment

Usual $90.95 (incl GST)

Using Sonic wave, Sonophoresis penetrates active ingredients into deeper skin layers for instant reduction of puffiness and aids in reducing dark eye ring and fine line at the same time. Immediately after your treatment your eye will look radiant, hydrated and glowing.

Some other benefits from this treatment are skin hydration, strengthens capillaries, stimulate collagen production and improve skin texture.