No Needle Meso Brightening Facial - Award Winning Spa in Singapore

No Needle Meso Brightening Facial

There is an abundance of amazing aesthetic benefits associated with infusion no needle mesotherapy. This innovative process is designed to make your skin look youthful again. No needle mesotherapy increases the flow of blood, giving your face a radiant, glowing appearance. One of the most noted benefits of this treatment is the fact that it’s needle free. Unlike regular mesotherapy, there’s no needle involved. There’s no puncturing of the skin, bleeding or unnecessary pain, just quick results and rejuvenated skin.

No Needle Meso Brightening facial delivers active ingredients such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C to exactly where the skin needs it, to repair and improve skin health. Targeted spot treatment slows production of melanin, lighten pigmentation and refine pores. The result is clearer, brighter skin that glows. It is like infusing the skin with nutrition and the results are clearer, brighter, even skin tone that glows.

Mesotherapy is one of the different treatments provided by Neo Energy Aesthetic Equipment. To read more about Mesotherapy and the other Neo Energy treatments, check Mesotherapy here.