About Us


People First Culture

Happy, friendly, caring, fun yet professional and highly skilled. That’s who we are, people of Healing Touch. While we operate in an industry which is constantly short-handed, 90% of our team of more than 100 therapists are recommended by staff / ex-staff who work(ed) in Healing Touch. Such level of support is the result of conscious effort to create an environment and culture where our people feel valued and serve happily with a sense of satisfaction.

Giving Back

Beyond business, we aspire to reach out with caring, loving touch to the communities at large. Sponsored spa retreats for the elderly from senior activity centres is one of the ways we express such care.

Our Core Values

We are an organization driven and guided by values. Whatever we do, we seek to align them to our core values.

Customer first – Meeting customer interests is our top priority. We carefully design all customer experience touch points to be free from stress or anything that does not serve customer’s best interests. Willing to be flexible in order to meet customer demands whenever possible.

Professionalism – We take pride in and uphold our profession’s ethics and code of conduct as wellness and beauty professionals in an industry sometimes marred by unprofessional practices.

Passion – We seek to cultivate an environment where our people want to be at their best and strive towards that.

Fairness – We are committed to be fair and reasonable to all our customers and our employees regardless of their status.

Caring – We strive to be considerate for customer and employee’s interests and find ways to help them whenever possible.

Value for money – We believe in providing customers with superior value for money all the time, not just once. We constantly improve the total customer experience to stay ahead of the competition.


Over the years, we had the honour of being recognised for our efforts and received the following accolades:
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