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Bodyter Premium Body Contouring

Bodyter is the only technology that can tone up muscles while reducing fat deposits.

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Bojin (拨筋) MLD Wrap

Trim inches off with this body contouring treatment that’s also beneficial for health

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Lipo Laser

Safely (and painlessly) “melt” fats to release water and free fatty acid for the body to use as energy

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Bespoke Tri-active Fat Loss Treatment

60 mins | $58 (inclusive of GST)

Usual Price | $320 ($342.40 wGST)

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Bespoke Tri-active fat loss treatment is a 3 prong approach to naturally expel unwanted fats from your body - burns fat, detoxify, tone and sculpt

Bodyter Fat-burning Trial Promotion

1 area (tummy) | $58 ($62.06 wGST)

Usual Price | $320.00 - 1 area (tummy) ($342.40 wGST)

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25mins of BodyTer Treatment = 450 lunges + 1000 Crunches + 1500 Russian Twist all at the same time