Bodyter Premium Body Contouring

Bodyter is the only technology that can tone up muscles while reducing fat deposits.

60mins | Trial Price $58 Nett

*Total 90mins inclusive of consultation​

BODYTER Premium provides Thermal-stimulation and Electroporation for the body and is specially designed with the exclusive Tri-Actif effect. This is an innovative method that simultaneously combines three operating modes that guarantee and optimises the quality of the results obtained.

  1. Muscle Stimulation
  2. Electroporation
  3. Thermoactif
Bodyter Premium Key Benefits
  • Progressive removal of “orange skin”
  • Body re-modelling
  • Defines body contours
  • Gymnastics and physical training
  • Muscle toning

Bodyter is the only technology that can tone up muscles while reducing fat deposits.
45mins of BodyTer Treatment = 900 lunges + 2000 Crunches + 3000 Russian Twist at the same time

* Results vary among individuals as every person’s condition vary

BODYTER Premium provides 5 different types of muscle stimulation exercises:


a) INTENSE ISOMETRIC EXERCISE (can do plank, side plank, lunge, and quads at the same time without lifting a finger)
A low frequency alternating current is generated which induces exercise and intense classic training. It also help fluid drainage


Classic passive exercise and muscle reconstruction. For advance muscle toning


c) INTERFERENTIAL PASSIVE EXERCISE (passive isotonic exercises)
Medium frequency current (4000Hz) to reproduce the effects of low frequency deep muscle stimulation.


Lipoactif is a current that acts directly on localized fat deposits and compact cellulites where the body shape is to be defined. Normactif current restores and sculpt the body.


Medium frequency current (2500 Hz) modulated in square pulses, especially suitable for advanced muscle strengthening. Kotz works to develop red muscle fibres for increase metabolism and white muscle fibres for endurance and strengthening.

45mins of BodyTer Treatment = 900 lunges + 2000 Crunches + 3000 Russian Twist at the same time.


Its main function is to allow bio active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin by stimulating the temporary openings of water channels and can be used with both ionisable and non-ionisable cosmetics.
For fat burning and cellulite control: G5 GEL
For body shaping and toning: TONEACTIF GEL


Thermal function increases body temperature and metabolism while it encourages and boosts the effects of the STIMULATION and ELECTROPORATION currents.

BODYTER Premium has 7 combined programmes. Each one consists of different types of currents and temperatures specifically designed for each type of problem to be treated. Each programme is specifically named after the conditions itis designed to treat.


The programmes are:
  • Soft cellulite
  • Hard cellulite
  • Oedematous cellulite
  • Mixed cellulite
  • Body sculpting
  • Flaccidity
  • Drainage/Circulatory

How Effective is the Treatment?

By combining aesthetics technologies and weight loss know-how, Healing Touch has finally come up with a personalized support program designed to equip you for permanent weight loss that is second to none.

Here is an overview of our 4-pronged approach to helping customers achieve their ideal body weight and shape.



Non-invasive, pain-free and effective technologies to achieve better than good results.

Melt fats away and shorten your weight loss journey by 70%.

  • Release trapped fats for use as energy for exercise
  • Focus on areas that are resistant to diet and exercises
  • Flush out impurities while attacking the superficial fats
  • Tighten skin and smoothen cellulites


Your Slim Coach will provide you with proven strategies to reset your body to its ultimate function so that it can efficiently absorb nutrients and increase metabolism.

Key highlights include:

  • 7 days power detox plan that gets you to 1 dress size down.
  • Importance of water and how it helps you lose weight
  • Negative calorie diet and how it keeps you full naturally and yet lose weight


Your Slim Coach encourages, challenges and supports you to progressively regain control of your body and mind.

Key highlights include:

  • Knowing your ideal weight and how to achieve it progressively
  • Know what’s stopping you and how to overcome it
  • Power affirmations that keep you on track
  • Effortless techniques to banish cravings and binge eating


We are what we eat, no weight loss program can be sustainable and successful without healthy lifestyle changes.

Key highlights include:

  • The right way to eat
  • Food list that assists you to lose weight
  • Diet cheats that allow you to indulge in your favorite food
  • Guide to weaving exercises into your daily routine
  • Suggested exercises that suit your personality and lifestyle
✗ Hard Selling✔ Nutrition & lifestyle coaching support
✗ Endless Up-Selling  ✔ See visible difference in 1 trial
✗ Pain✔ Transparent pricing
✗ Surgery✔ Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.
✗ Hunger✔ Results vary among individuals as every person’s condition vary
✗ Down Time

Customers with any of the following conditions are not suitable to receive slimming treatments:

  • Underweight
  • Over 65 years old
  • Pregnant women or women during menstruation
  • Epileptic
  • Within 3 months after operation
  • Heart diseases or with heart pacemaker
  • Embedded foreign object or silica gel on areas to be treated
  • Hypersensitive skin, skin diseases or eczema
How is Bodyter different from others?

Imagine yourself doing 900 Lunges + 2000 Crunches + 3000 Russian Twist in 45 minutes, all at the same time without breaking a sweat. Bodyter exercises for you and burns the fats by stimulating the body muscles and fats, thus toning your body shape while burning those fats.


How is this different from actual workout exercises?

Bodyter will be able to increase the effectiveness of the muscles by performing different sets of exercises within 45 minutes. Stimulating the muscles differently will prevent the muscles from being accustomed to an exercise routine.


Bodyter will exercise both red and white muscle fibers.


How long it takes to achieve desired results?

Most customers will see immediate measurable results after their 1st Bodyter session. 90% of our customers lose at least 3kg in their 1st week after starting to work with us. We use Bodyter, Medical Fat Freeze and consumables (optional) to customise a holistic program that work with your lifestyle.


How does Bodyter complement Fat Freeze?

Bodyter will speed up the re-absorption of frozen fats, rather than just leaving it to the body to re-absorb it naturally. Each session of Bodyter will tone up the red and white muscle fibers and increase metabolism, assisting the body to rid of toxins.


How much will it cost if I want to continue the program?

Most customers will see instant measurable results after their 1st Bodyter session. Our program starts from $590 & 90% of our customers lost at least 3kg in their 1st week after starting to work with us. We work out a plan according to your lifestyle & budget.

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