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Guasha Orthopaedic Massage

Rooted in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Healing Touch’s Guasha Orthopaedic Massage is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)

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Moxa Signature Massage

With heated Bian stones

Combine massage with heated Bian stone to comfortably melt away tension difficult to relieve by hand alone.

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Bojin Orthopaedic Massage

Orthopaedic Disorders

Relieve pain, balance your energy, and enjoy deep relaxation by stimulating meridian and acupressure points

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Chi Nei Tsang (气内脏) Anti-Ageing Massage

Correct Prolapse (Organ Slip)

Systemic deep abdominal massage to regulate blood flow and energy to the internal organs

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Water Retention

Reduce excess water retention through this light rhythmic massage

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Deep Tissue Massage

Award-winning “Aches Busting Massage” aimed at reducing inflammation through slow and deep movements

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4P Tension Relief Massage

Tension & Aches

The right Pressure, on the right Points, at the right Pace, for the perfect Pamper session

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Acupressure Massage (Oil-Free)

Acupressure “finger pressure” massage uses finger-thumb-palm pressure to encourage self-healing

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Body Scrub

Choose from 04 signature scrubs.

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Guasha Orthopaedic Massage

60mins | $63* ($67.41 wGST)

Usual Price | $75 ($80.25 wGST)

* 1st trial only

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Guasha Orthopaedic massage promote that flow of qi through the body, releases toxin trapped in the muscles.