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Drinking water for weight loss? Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? It’s true so start believing it. 

Did you know that not consuming sufficient water is the main factor for water retention which ultimately causes bloating or retention of water in our body. A great discomfort, the situation can be reversed to avoid this hormonal nuisance.

Let’s first have a look at why we feel bloated. Water aids the liver to convert fat into usable energy. When your body has insufficient water, you kidney is overworked due to concentrated fluid. The liver has to work doubly hard to turn your body fat into energy. When the liver does the job of the kidneys, it holds on to the extra fat which would have been burnt if you drank more water. Our body also goes into panic mode and holds on to whatever water is available which leads to water retention and bloating. So drink up to get rid of water retention and help your body reach its normal equilibrium.

We are kind enough to provide you with some fat-torching insights on how water can help you lose those extra pounds, making you feel lighter.

1. Drink water before you eat

As water is an appetite suppressant, those who drink water before meals tend to consume fewer calories and reduce their food intake. Studies show that drinking water before meals results in an average reduction in intake of 75 calories per meal.

2. Replace calorie-filled drinks with water

Ditch the soda, smoothies and other high-calorie drinks. Have water instead. Water has zero calories compared to most other drinks, which helps in weight loss. Feel that water might be too blend? Add a slice of lemon to it. It also works to reduce food cravings due to the pectin found in lemons.

3. Have it cold

Quench your thirst with cold water as it aids to boost your metabolism. Your body has to work harder to warm the water thereby burning more calories and helping you to stay slim.

4. Lose water weight by cutting salt intake

Restrict the amount of dietary salt you consume (including table salt, canned or frozen foods, and lunch meat from your diet). Doing so helps you lose water weight fast. This works better if you increase your daily intake of water.

5. Consider a short water detox

Try the Sassy Water anti-bloat diet jumpstart, which typically involves drinking an entire pitcher of flavoured water for 4 days at the start of a diet plan. The fluid intake flushes toxins out of the system which reduces bloating. Alternatively, consume foods that naturally have a higher percentage of water such as soups, watermelons and leafy green vegetables.

Drinking sufficient water has a direct impact on all aspects of our health. Besides lubricating our joints and organs, water maintains our muscle tone and keeps our skins soft and elastic. It flushes out toxins, keeps the brain functioning well while transporting nutrients to and from cells. Take a huge gulp of H2O and let it work it’s charm.

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