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Are you currently dealing with stress, or have been looking to charge your health and overall well-being? Massage therapy can surely help you relax and make you feel rejuvenated. This time-honored form of therapy can counteract imbalances caused by muscle tension, prolonged sitting, stress and pain. It has proven to help the body enter a tranquilizing rest-and-recovery mode – an effect that hovers long after the therapy is over. Here is a guide to some popular and highly effective massages and their benefits.

Thai Massage

A combination of physical and energetic aspects is what makes Thai massage unique and extraordinarily effective. It is a deep, full body treatment, beginning at the feet and proceeding up to the head. Believed to be over 2500 years old, this therapy is an authentic art and invigorating form of therapy that helps to restore the flow of energy throughout your body. The pressing techniques used prepare your muscles for stretching by boosting their permeability to energy flow.

Key characteristics and known benefits:

  • It uses yoga like stretching and gentle pressures to relax the entire body on a deeper level.
  • This deep relaxation has proven to restore night’s sleep, allowing you to feel more refreshed upon awakening.
  • It helps to improve overall blood circulation and alleviate stress levels.
  • Increased circulation allows more oxygen supply to the brain and helps to mitigate the chances of blood clotting in the arteries.

Asian Fusion Massage

This powerful and deep oil massage works to treat on both the physical and emotional level. It combines effective Thai and Indonesian techniques that clear energy lines to bolster and balance the body’s organs and systems. It makes use of profound thumb work and compression, which leaves you feeling energized and recharged.

Key characteristics and known benefits:

  • It helps to break down the knotted tissues in your body and alleviates muscular tension.
  • It treats some serious disorders like exhausted and aching muscles in the shoulders, back, legs, arms or neck.
  • It helps to improve conditions affecting your abdominal organs.
  • It also helps to reduce bloating, constipation issues and IBS.

Pressure Point Massage

This soothing massage uses specialized techniques that apply pressure to the muscles, alleviating pain and correcting dysfunction in other parts of your body. Also known as Myofascial trigger point therapy, it works on the soft tissue that encircles your muscles instead on the muscles themselves. Myofascial therapists believe that noxious substances and toxins accumulate around nerve bundles in the muscles. If these are allowed to gather, they can create nodules in the muscle that exerts pressure on the nerve bundle and lead to pain. Pressure point therapy puts force on these nodules to mitigate pain in the joints and muscles throughout your body.

Key characteristics and known benefits:

  • It helps to reduce muscle tension, stiffness, stress, and spasms.
  • It helps to stimulate easier and deeper breathing, promote blood circulation and easy movement of lymph fluids.
  • It helps to improve the body posture and bolster the immune system.
  • It enhances nourishment and general health of the skin.
  • It fosters peace of mind and a feeling of well-being.
  • It improves capacity for peaceful and calm thinking.

Aroma Oil Massage

This therapy has been around for over 5000 years and involves the use of natural, pure essential oils. This total holistic treatment can have a profound effect on your physiological and physical wellness. The essential oils used in the therapy are extracted from herbs and plants found to contain properties that promote relaxation.

Key characteristics and known benefits:

  • The oils used in the therapy helps to improve lymphatic drainage, detoxification and blood circulation.
  • These oils can affect and soothe on the emotional plane.
  • It is ideal for controlling and regulating blood pressure levels.
  • It helps to reduce anxiety and stress.
  • It helps to combat negative feelings and promote mental revitalization.
  • It aids in toxin removal.
  • It helps in improving skin texture and preventing cellulite formation.
  • It helps to strengthen the nervous system and immune system.

These massages are powerful tools to build greater health and overall well-being. Have a rejuvenating experience by treating yourself to one of these superb massage therapies at a reputable spa near you.