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For a long period of time, health and fitness experts have highlighted the dangers of sugar to an extent that most people have mistakenly believed that anything sweet is harmful to the body. Whilst refined sugar is very harmful and toxic to your body, nature has provided a wide range of products that provide natural sugars for the body. Natural sugars are found in honey, root vegetables and fruits, and they promote good health as well as nourish your body.

Honey is a natural product with amazing health and healing benefits. When buying honey, always opt for raw organic honey, so that you can reap the rich abundance of nature. There are several ways that honey boosts your health.

Boosts the Immune System

Raw organic honey contains minerals, enzymes and vitamins, which enhance the immune system and protect the body from harmful bacteria. Honey’s anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties help the body to fight diseases. To achieve a powerful immune system, start your day by taking a few tablespoons of honey in warm water. You can also mix honey with lemon or cinnamon in a cup of warm water and drink it. By using honey, you will keep coughs, nose congestion and sore throats at bay.

Enhances Weight Loss

The antioxidant properties of honey enhance weight loss. If you take a cup of warm water with honey daily, your body will be detoxified. Honey eliminates toxins, cleanses the liver and flush excess fat from your body. To reap maximum benefits of honey, add lemon and 1-2tablespoons of honey in warm water and drink it in the morning. You can also take this satisfying and soothing drink in the evening too to end your day. To complement your weight loss program, you may consider a detox and slim treatment for better results.

Decreases the Risk of Heart Disease

Honey has been used for thousands of years as a natural home remedy for several ailments such as heart disease, arthritis, athlete foot, and yeast infection, among others. The amazing healing power of honey is due to the fact that it contains numerous beneficial amino acids, enzymes, pigments and traces of nutrients from both plants and bees. Honey is also rich in calcium, potassium, B complex vitamins and sodium. These minerals lower cholesterol levels and C-reactive proteins, which are the risk factors of heart disease. Studies show that a mixture of cinnamon and honey can revitalize the veins and arteries in the heart. If taken on a regular basis, the honey-cinnamon mixture can reduce and stop the occurrence of heart attacks.

Honey Soothes Indigestion

For people who suffer from indigestion, honey is the solution to such problems. The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of honey relieve acidity and neutralize gases in the stomach. The fatty acids in honey also stimulate digestion, thus soothing the stomach lining. Honey is an incredible digestive aid because it is easily absorbed and digested by the body. To alleviate indigestion, take warm water with a mixture of honey and lemon.

It Boost Energy Levels

The amazing benefits of honey go beyond its healing properties and great taste. Honey is a great natural source of natural sugars, which provide energy and calories in the body. Honey can instantly enhance the performance and endurance of the body as well as to prevent muscle fatigue during exercises. Glucose contained in honey gives the body instant energy while the fructose provides sustained energy because it is absorbed more slowly than glucose. Instead of reaching for cookies, cakes or chocolate for instant energy, just reach for 1-2 tablespoons of raw organic honey.

Cleanses the Skin

Honey is the best natural skin care product since it contains anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. If you apply raw organic honey on the skin, you will get a soft and clear skin. Although honey does not cure ringworms, eczema and psoriasis, it relieves dryness and soothes inflammation. You should apply raw organic honey on the skin and let it stay overnight so that the skin can absorb the medicinal properties. If used regularly, you will get a healthy, clear and soft skin.

Raw organic honey is the best, although you may have to dig deeper into your pockets. Honey has numerous beneficial amino acids, minerals and traces of pollen and nutrients from plants and bees. If stored well, it can last for years.

For you want to realise the amazing healing power of honey, you need to consult a health or fitness expert, preferably by visiting a professional spa and massage facility.