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When trying to keep your weight in the healthy zone, we often keep a close watch on what we eat. However, there are times, we don’t realise that the food we consider healthy might actually be harmful for us.

White foods also known as “bad carbs”, are the culprits behind obesity. Some examples are sugar and baked goods made with white flour. These foods have usually been processed and refined making them harmful for the body. It is nearly impossible to banish these foods from our diets totally but cutting down on them will lead to visible benefits as you avoid putting on those extra pounds. The important thing to keep in mind is that moderation is key.

We have kindly put together the four evil whites that are secretly adding to your weight woes.

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Salt enhances the taste of our food which may encourage overeating. Moreover salt is known to stall weight loss. Sodium makes your body retain water. The fluid retention and increased blood volume makes your heart work harder to move blood through the vessels and increases arterial pressure. This can eventually lead to heart disease, stroke or high blood pressure. Consuming excess salt can cause you to put on extra weight. A reduction in salt intake allows for your weight to drop as your body dispels the water it was retaining.


Have the urge to reach out to your favourite donut or cupcake? You might want to reconsider doing that. To be honest, there is hidden sugar in almost everything we eat or drink. Sugar is 50% fructose which is immediately converted to fat. By cutting down on sugar-laden foods, you cut down on a lot of calories from fat and refined starches too. This is because we never eat sugar on its own. We consume it with in the form of cakes and pastries which is made of flour, fat and sugar. Eliminating this white toxin from your diet will free your body to drop the extra weight. Sorry red velvet cupcakes, we’ll have to give you a pass.


Refined flour has close to zero nutritional benefits and does not pass through your digestive system efficiently. It sticks to your intestinal linings and makes your digestive system lazy because it doesn’t need to be broken down. Worse yet, they are easily converted to sugar and fat. Cutting down on flour will force you to change your diet for the better. Increase your intake of whole grains, fruits and vegetables and boost your metabolism and digestion.


Rice, especially in Asia is a staple and is consumed during many meals. Most people are often mistaken that rice is healthy. In actual fact, the nutritional value of rice depends on the type of rice you choose. White rice, which we eat ever so often is much like eating white bread. It encourages your body to store excess fat which it doesn’t need making it harder to lose weight. To make matters worse, it has little nutritional value.

Brown rice works best to boost your overall health. It is packed with fiber, vitamins and nutrients. Bring rich in fiber, it helps you feel full for longer. So substitute white rice for brown rice for a healthier option.

To end off, one should know that carbohydrates are essential for your health as they work as fuel for your body. Alternatively, we can get the necessary nutrients from “smart carbs” such as fruits, vegetables, low-fat diary and whole grains. Let’s make do with lesser of these white foods.

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