Guasha Orthopaedic Massage

Healing Touch’s Guasha Orthopaedic Massage is rooted in
traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)

60mins | $75 ($81.75 w/GST)
90mins | $112.50 ($122.63 w/GST)
120mins | $150 ($163.5 w/GST)

Healing touch’s Guasha Orthopaedic Massage is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

According to the principles of TCM, qi or energy, must flow freely throughout the body so you can feel your best. When qi becomes stagnant in certain areas, health issues can occur. Healing Touch therapist uses special concave and convex designed wooden stick, with groove bending that is engineered to gently scrape areas of your body where there is inflammation or stagnant qi to help improve circulation and promote healing. This method use covers a wider area with better results and less discomfort.


Does Guasha Orthopaedic hurt?

Guasha Orthopaedic involves “scraping,” and hand massages. The intensity is gently build up depending on the types of knots that the therapist encounters during the treatment. Healing Touch therapist will apply some oil to lubricate the body first and then “scrape” to your comfort level. They’re going to find the tense tissue and knots, work on it gently and gradually build up the intensity to promote circulation to help break up the areas that are all twisted up. As always, each individual’s tolerance differs, do let the therapist know your comfort level.

If you don’t have that smooth flow of blood and energy throughout your body, it can manifest as muscle knots, soreness, weakness or pain. Guasha help promote blood supply and the conduction of everything through the tissues healthily so we can get the body back to homeostatic as much as possible.


Guasha Orthopaedic promote that flow of qi through the body, releases toxin trapped in the muscles. We’re helping to ensure a better blood supply and proper nerve conduction so that everything is moving through your body as it should. In doing Guasha, the goal is to relief any symptoms you’re experiencing to subside.


Guasha Orthopaedic can help relieve several health conditions:

  • Bodily discomfort –Guasha Orthopaedic help alleviate tension headache, migraine, neck pain or swelling in your body. It can also help relief anxiety, fatigue, insomnia and perimenopausal symptoms.
  • Anti-aging – This ancient Chinese art improves circulation and muscle tone. The pressure points that we focus on will improve the tone of your muscles and connective tissues, helping you to look and feel younger.
  • Pain Management – besides the basic pain relief that almost all massages bring, Guasha Orthopaedic massage works on many important pressure points that are located on the back. Our skilled therapists’ hands will relieve the tension and provide vital therapy for self-healing. It is good for musculoskeletal problems, especially major ones like tightness in the shoulders, legs and back.
  • Emotional benefits – improving your body’s natural energy flow means that you will have better transmission of healing Qi. It can help treat stress, depression and emotional pains left from trauma, soothes your spirit and improve your life.

Few things are as deeply beneficial as Guasha Orthopaedic massage. Healing Touch offers therapeutic massage treatments in the areas where Western medicine may fall short. Our holistic approach will improve your energy flow and enhance your body’s self-healing capabilities to help you feel whole again.

Most people should be able to tolerate Guasha Orthopaedic well, but if you have problems with:

  • Blood circulation issues
  • Skin disease
  • Diabetic
  • Recent operation

Spots to avoid:

  • Varicose veins
  • Open wounds
  • Acne

It is best to avoid doing Guasha Orthopaedic massage

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