Korugi Small Face Therapy

Non-invasive V-shaped face

60mins | Trial Price $98 Nett

*Total 90mins inclusive of consultation​

  • Specialized face bone massaging technique
  • Corrects facial bone alignments
  • Correcting cheekbone and jawline for V-shaped face

The non-invasive way to have a V-shaped face


The face is the visual representation of overall health and wellness. Stress, poor sleep quality, and bad posture can cause external pressure and tension to the bones and muscles of the face. External pressure and tension can induce the bones to elongate and become more rigid. How you use your muscles can also affect your bones, causing them to gradually shift horizontally. Your bones become more elongated and the tiny spaces in between the bones become wider.


These changes in the facial bones and muscles could make the face look longer and wider. The tension on the muscles and joints can also result in poor blood circulation and accumulation of toxins, making the face look old and dull.

Poor posture, stress, and age can make your face look longer, wider, and dull. These effects can be corrected with the Korugi Small Face Therapy.


Introducing the Korugi Small Face Therapy: A purely non-invasive therapy for that perfect, V-shaped face.


Recommended age for the treatment is between 23 to 55 years old.

Korugi Small Face Therapy by Healing Touch is a specialized bone massaging technique for the face that is more like a workout. This workout for the face is the physical “training” of the 43 muscles and 14 bones in the face, similar to full body workout. It corrects the bone alignments of the face, such as lifting the brow ridge, defining the jawline, and correcting the cheekbone for that V-shaped face.


Aside from its aesthetic effects, Korugi Small Face Therapy also helps relieve common health problems such as headache, sinusitis, tinnitus, and balance thyroid problems.


The Healing Touch Korugi Small Face Therapy is the product of a rigorous search for a sustainable and effective slimming of the face, age reversal, and restoration of natural glow without the need to undergo plastic surgery. In this spotlight, Korugi Small Face Therapy corrects bone alignment and resets the general structure of your face. It is non-surgical, non-invasive, and has no downtime.


You can visibly notice the result after just one treatment session. With complete sessions, your face will become slim, your jawline will be more visible, and you will have a sharper chin – collectively defining a V-shaped face.

The Korugi Small Face Therapy uses special hand techniques to reduce the gaps between the facial bones caused by elongation, external pressure, and stress. The careful hand movements provide adequate pressure that push the bones together, resulting in decreased width of facial areas such as the temples, cheeks, chin, and jawline. This whole process results in effective reduction of the face and improvement of facial symmetry. As a result, the face becomes slim, more balanced-looking, and V-shape in appearance.


Aside from restructuring the face, the Korugi Small Face Therapy also give the face an instant face lift, as it tightens, detoxifies, and de-puffs the face. The special hand techniques used in the Korugi Small Face Therapy stimulate muscles and skin tissues, improve blood circulation, and promote the flushing of metabolic wastes out of the body.


  • Stimulating the muscles and skin tissues result in the activation of elastin and collagen production. High amounts of elastin and collagen improves skin elasticity and integrity, making the skin look younger, more supple, and healthy.
  • Improving the blood circulation to the face will help in skin repair, thus reducing fine lines and giving you that natural, pinkish glow.
  • Eliminating toxins will help make the skin brighter and more young-looking.

Among the major benefits of Korugi Small Face Therapy are the following:

  • Resets bone alignments in the face
  • Reduces the size of the face
  • Gives the face a V-shaped appearance
  • Corrects facial asymmetry
  • Returns the face to its younger shape
  • Relaxes the facial muscles
  • Increases blood flow to the face
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin production
  • Lightens skin by removing signs of tiredness and dark circles around the eyes
  • Contributes to skin glow and lightens fine lines

Aside from these, Korugi Small Face Therapy also benefits other organs in the body.

  • Increases fluid to the brain
  • Relieves sinus and headaches
  • Balance thyroid functions
  • Reduce ringing in the ear

The results of the Korugi Small Face Therapy are immediate and cumulative.

The Korugi Small Face Therapy Workout – Treatment Procedures

  1. Dynamic stretching and warm up- Prepare the face for work out
  2. Face Cardio workout – Wakes up the cells with increased blood flow with special tools
  3. Bone alignment adjustments – Small Face Korugi Face Lift massage
  4. Muscle strengthening and face sculpting – facial exercises to hold in place the adjustments
  5. Drain and detox: Manual lymph drainage to remove waste and de-puff the face
  6. Skin Repair: Serum according to skin’s need
  7. Cool down: Calming Mask

Add on:

  • $68 for extraction and shoulder massage
  • Ampoules $48 if needed

Results: Improved facial features and improved health, resulting in a more stunning facial structure (smaller, more sculpted and more symmetric).

Techniques used: Hybrid of Korugi, fascia massage, facial muscle manipulation, face reflexology and lymphatic drainage

Recommendation: 10 to 20 times, once per week.

Preparation Phase

During this stage, the skin is cleansed and “warmed-up” with a dry massage of the scalp, face, and neck to increase lymph and blood flow and to “wake up” facial cells and muscles.

Dynamic stretching and face cardio workout are done during this phase.


Bone Alignment (Phase 1)

The facial muscles are further stretched and massaged during this phase. Specific techniques are performed to align the bones of the forehead, jawline, cheekbones, and eyebrow ridge to give the face an instant lift and V-shaped structure.


Muscle Strengthening and Face Sculpting (Phase 2)

Various interactive facial muscle exercises are performed during this phase to further strengthen the bone alignment work that had been done.

Drain and Detox

The Beauty Therapist will perform Manual Lymph Drainage improve the flow of lymph and blood in the face.


Skin Repair

Skin repair is achieved by applying powerful serums that will stimulate collage and elastin production and restore the integrity of the skin.


Cool Down

A calming mask is placed onto the skin as a finishing touch.


How long do the results last?

As long as you keep good habits and know how to manage stress to have less tension in the neck and shoulders, the facial bones would not shift downward again after a course of treatment.

  • Maintain good posture when standing or working on your desk. Sit properly even when lounging.
  • Do not chew on one side of the face only.
  • Do not constantly use only one shoulder when carrying a bag.
  • Avoid crossing your legs.
  • Do not stay on a fixed side when sleeping.
  • Fever
  • Contagious diseases, including colds and flu, no matter how mild it might seem
  • Aesthetic treatments, such as Botox, fillers, and threat-life
  • Neuritis
  • Skin diseases
  • Ear, nose, throat issues
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Facial wounds or open sores
  • Osteoporosis

Step 1 – Cheek lift

After having the Korugi Small Face Therapy workout, you can follow these exercises to help maintain the results of the treatment.

Put your elbows on a table and put your fists on your cheeks. Relax your face and press your cheekbones with your fists. Press for 5 seconds and repeat 5 times.

Step 2 – Massage the forehead and neck

Put your fists at the middle of your forehead. Slide your knuckles to the side, going down to the temples and to the ear lobes. Now open your hand and gently move your fingers down to the sides of your neck and to the clavicles.

Step 3 – Smoothen the cheeks

Interlock the fingers of your hands together while leaving the thumbs straight, like a thumbs up. Place the upper part of your right thumb just under the inner corner of your left eye. Then, slide your thumb along the cheekbone all the way to your ear. Slide down your thumb to the ear lobes, on the neck side, and to the clavicles. Repeat on the same side and do this twice on the other side of your face.

Step 4 – Smoothen the forehead

Place your fists against your eyebrows. Slide your knuckles up to your hairline. Slide them down a bit to the side while making circular strokes back to the eyebrows. Repeat 5 times.

Step 5 – Eye Lift

With your index and middle finger, put a knuckle on the right eyebrow starting from the inner corner going to the area of the temples. Repeat this exercise for 5 times and do this again on the other side of the face.

Step 6 – Massage the lower part of the face

Using your right fist, slide the knuckles starting from the chin going up to the ear loop and then going down to the side of the neck. Perform this exercise for 8 times then repeat for the other side of the face.

Step 7 – Finish the massage

Using both hands place your fingers on your cheek and slide them to the ear lobes, going to the sides of the neck, and to the collarbone.

Next, using both hands place your fingers on your forehead and slide them down to the temples, going to the sides of the neck, and to the collarbone. This massage calms the face and helps drain excess fluids.

For best results, perform these maintenance exercises 3-4 times each week.

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