8 Popular Types of Massages You Can Experience in Singapore - Award Winning Spa in Singapore - Healing Touch Spa

Massage is a well-known therapy that eases tension, muscle pain, and stress. All massage techniques bring about stress relief and relaxation but through time, different types of massage have emerged to address specific health concerns. Here is a short list of the most popular types of massage and spa in Singapore that you can try.

  1. Deep Tissue Massage
  2. Deep tissue massage is a famous and well-loved massage technique in Singapore. Healing Touch Spa’s Deep Tissue Massage has been awarded as the winner of Women’s Weekly “Best Aches Busting Massage” in Singapore.

    This type of massage targets the deep layers of muscles and connective tissues. With this massage type, chronic pain and tension in the back, legs, shoulders, and stiff neck.

  3. 4P Tension Relief Massage
  4. If you are looking for the perfect massage that could ease your stress and muscle pain after a long day’s work, you should definitely try the 4P Tension Relief Massage. This massage type focuses on giving the right Pressure on the right Points with the right Pace for the ideal Pampering session, hence the name “4P”. It is a mixture of massage techniques such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai, and Acupressure to give you a holistic massage therapy.

  5. Moxa Signature Massage with heated Bian stone
  6. Moxa Signature Massage is a tension-relieving massage technique that has been loved by many. The use of heated Bian stone is a perfect complement to the relaxing benefits of the Moxa Signature Massage.

    The use of Bian stone not only addresses neck and back pain, but also helps in improving blood circulation and muscle relaxation. It also has antioxidant effects to keep cells healthy. When rubbed against the skin, the heated Bian stone boosts immunity, targets stress, and prevents the survival of bacteria and viruses.

  7. Bojin Orthopaedic Massage
  8. Bojin Orthopaedic Massage is a unique type of massage that is noted for its ability to balance life energy, known as Qi. By balancing Qi, Bojin Orthopaedic Massage promotes self-healing, relieves pain, and relaxes the body and mind. People suffering from conditions such as headache, stiff neck, lower back pain, stiff shoulder, sciatica, numbed hand, and tennis elbow find great benefit from Bojin Orthopaedic massage.

  9. Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  10. The Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a massage technique that has been gaining popularity in the medical world because of its health benefits to the different organ systems of the body. More doctors have been recommending manual lymphatic massage to their patients as a supplement therapy to their medications.

    The careful and gentle massage strokes of the Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage bring about benefits such as improved lymphatic flow, reduced water retention, improved sleep, relaxed senses, immunity boost, and overall improvement of quality of life.

  11. Thai Fusion Oil-Free Massage
  12. Thai Fusion Massage is a well-known massage type that targets the acupressure points and energy meridians in the body. The unique way of how this massage is performed by trained therapists. This massage technique is perfect for people suffering from muscle pain, tension, and fatigue. Thai Fusion massage can give you the ultimate healing from stress, fatigue, and pain.

  13. Acupressure Oil-Free Massage
  14. Acupressure Massage therapy has long been regarded as an effective alternative treatment for headaches, back pains, cramps, and even digestive problems. This massage type helps in improving your sleep pattern and blood circulation. Aside from these benefits, acupressure massage is a holistic therapy technique that promotes self-healing, balance, and sense of well-being.

  15. Chi Nei Tsang Anti-ageing Massage
  16. Che Nei Tsang Massage is a traditional massage technique that originated from China. It is a type of deep abdominal massage that aims to detoxify the body and improve the general physical and emotional health. Aside from its relaxing benefits, the Che Nei Tsang Massage helps in addressing disorders of abdominal and pelvic organs.

    Che Nei Tsang Massage is best for people with prolapsed pelvic organ, urinary incontinence, uterine prolapse, rectal prolapse, and hormonal imbalances. People who are experiencing digestive problems such as indigestion, bloating, reflux, constipation, diarrhea, and stomach discomfort can also benefit from this massage type.

    All of these massage techniques are available in Singapore. Visit Healing Touch Spa now and experience holistic healing and relaxation.