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How Often Should You Get a Massage?

Every week? Twice a week? How about a daily massage?

The relaxing and soothing benefits of a good massage would definitely make someone think of getting massages each day. But really, how often should you get a massage? Is it healthy to have a massage every single day?

According to massage therapists, it is actually fine to receive body massages every day. However, this is impossible for most of us, considering the amount of time and money we should spend to have a massage every single day.

But thanks to scientific research, we have an idea of how often you should get a massage to experience its health-boosting effects. Apparently, it depends on the person’s health conditions and specific needs. Here we outline the different health conditions and the determined frequency of massages that you can have for these conditions.

  • Back pain: 30 mins/session, twice per week

    But if you have the gift of time, you can also have a massage every day. Deep tissue massage is the perfect type of massage you can have every day for chronic low back pain. A research study has shown that people who received a 30-minute session of deep tissue massage continuously for 10 days experienced relief of chronic back pain. The beneficial effects of the deep tissue massage lasted for at least 6 months.

    Lower back pain can also be relieved by receiving a massage with Bian stones. Receiving daily sessions of this type of massage for 5 days is an effective treatment to lumbar and flank pain.

  • Sciatica: 45 mins/session, once a week

    Sciatica is another common reason why people opt to receive a massage. Sciatica occurs when a nerve root is pinched or compressed. This causes shooting or tingling pain from the lower back or buttocks down to the thigh, leg, or foot. A 45-minute massage done once a week can help alleviate the pain of sciatica. The Bojin orthopaedic massage is a good choice for this type of pain because this massage targets the tension in associated muscles that cause excess stress on the tendons. Deep tissue massage is also a good option for people with sciatica.

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: 30 mins/session, twice a week

    Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common neurological complaint of young professionals who spend the whole day typing or writing. Research studies have shown that 30-minute sessions, done twice per week can result to increased functional activity in persons with carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Hypertension: 10-15 min/session, three times a week

    Hypertension is a common medical condition in adults. Most people with hypertension take maintenance medications to prevent complications. Massage is a good adjunct to medical treatment because of its multiple health benefits. A study has shown that receiving 10 to 15-minute massage sessions three times a week are effective in reducing blood pressure and heart rate in patients with hypertension.

  • Anxiety: 30 mins/session, twice a week

With its calming effects, massage therapy is a suitable remedy to anxiety. People suffering from anxiety may opt to receive 30-minute massages twice per week.

These health conditions are just some of the many health complaints that can be addressed by getting a massage. Massage therapy is also beneficial for people with skin conditions, autoimmune diseases, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, and cancer-related pain. Massage is also effective in reducing stress, because of its lowering effect on our cortisol levels in the body.

If you are suffering from the conditions listed above, or simply because you had a bad day, visit your nearest spa and massage center for that good, relaxing massage.