Three Under-rated Fat Burning Treatments that Work - Award Winning Spa in Singapore - Healing Touch Spa

Getting rid of that extra fat and achieving a slim body could be a slow journey that requires long hours of exercise and strict diet modifications. But, with the advanced Bodyter Premium Body Contouring technology, it is now possible to lose weight fast in just 3 simple steps.

The Bodyter Premium Body Contouring is an innovative slimming method that utilizes the effects of thermal stimulation and electroporation to effectively reduce excess fat in the body. The Bodyter technology is the only method that tones up muscles while simultaneously reducing fat deposits in the body. The whole process mimics the benefits of physical training and gymnastics to remodel and contour the body.

The Bodyter technology has 3 key steps that target excess fat, cellulites, and sagging skin. Here is a detailed explanation how each step works.

1. Muscle Stimulation

The Bodyter Premium Body Contouring treatment stimulates muscles using low and medium frequency currents to target and break down fat deposits. This process has a normalizing and muscular-firming effect.

During the Muscle Stimulation step, you will comfortably lie on a bed while different currents of electrostimulation are delivered to your body. Low frequency (1-1,000 Hz) and medium frequency (1000-10,000 Hz) currents are used to stimulate the muscles. Low and medium frequency currents break down fat deposits and tone the muscles. The effects of electrostimulation mimics the effect of doing 900 lunges, 2000 crunches, and 3,000 Russian twists in 45 minutes.

2. Electroporation

The Electroporation process involves the use of medium-frequency currents to expose and open the micropores located on the outermost layer of the skin. This allows the absorption of ionic and non-ionic components of the two types of gels that are used during this process – the G5 gel and the ToneActif gel. The effects vary depending on the gel used.

The G5 gel is a fat-reducing gel formulated with the benefits of carnitine, seaweed, and mountain arnica. This formulation helps in breaking down fat and stimulates blood flow. These effects add up to an improved skin appearance.

The ToneActif gel combines the benefits of elastin, soluble collagen, and mountain arnica that improve the elasticity of the skin and enhance its recovery ability. These benefits contribute to an overall hydrating and firming effect on the skin and muscles.

3. Termoactif Thermotherapy

The Termoactif Thermotherapy technology uses heat therapy to provide benefits such as improved blood flow, muscle relaxation, anti-inflammatory effects, and reduced volume of fat deposits. Heat increases the body’s metabolic rate to up to 20-30% which lead to increased fat breakdown.

The Bodyter Premium Body Contouring is a simple yet effective method to reduce fat and tone your body in no time. Visit your nearest spa and wellness center to achieve the slimming benefits of the Bodyter Premium Body Contouring technology.