What to Expect from Your Massage Therapy Session - Award Winning Spa in Singapore - Healing Touch Spa

Massage therapy sessions carry the promise of relieving your stress, anxiety, and body pain. Now that you finally decided to visit a massage spa, you are absolutely looking forward to a relaxing, divine, therapeutic experience. We have prepared a short guide to give you an idea of what to expect from your massage therapy session.

  • Calming and Healing Ambiance

The first thing that you will notice from your massage spa is the ambiance. The truth is, the
ambiance of the place sets the tone for the massage experience. You know that you are in a good
authentic massage spa if the place is clean, well-maintained, and is located in a secure and safe
district. You immediately feel the soothing ambiance of the place. The soft and warm colors of the
clinic, paired with the soft, indirect lighting and serene music will surely relax your senses.

  • Short interview about your essential health information

As soon as you confirm your appointment, the customer service will take note of your health
history. The staff may ask about your general health, such as whether you have long-term illnesses
such as hypertension, diabetes, or heart conditions. You will also be asked whether you have cuts
or open wounds, bruises, or skin infections. Women may be asked whether they are pregnant
during the time of visit.

These types of information are essential, since some massage types are not recommended for
certain health conditions. For example, massage with heated Bian stones is not suitable for clients
with uncontrolled hypertension and uncontrolled diabetes mellitus.

The staff should also take note of your allergies and hypersensitivity reactions. Some clients are
allergic to certain ingredients of the oil or lotion used during the massage therapy. Other may be
hypersensitive or insensitive to hot temperature, and the use of heat during the massage session
may cause serious skin reactions.

  • Discussion of your wellness goals

Your wellness goals and reason for having the massage therapy session will be noted by your
massage therapist. Your wellness goal may be relaxation, relief from stress and anxiety, injury
healing and rehabilitation, and improving your personal well-being. Your massage therapy will
take note of your wellness goal and incorporate specific massage techniques to help you achieve
your goal.

  • Informed consent and confidentiality

Your massage therapist should thoroughly explain to you the process, benefits, and possible
complications of the massage procedure. The components of the oil, crème, or lotion should be

disclosed, since some clients may be allergic to such components. You should be made aware of
your right to leave or withdraw from the session at any point. An informed consent document
empowers you as a client. Before signing the consent, it would be best if you fully understood the
protocols and policies during the massage therapy session.

Massage spa are expected to keep client information confidential. This helps establish trust and
respect between the client and the therapist. This also ensures your safety and privacy during the
massage therapy session.

  • A professional, private, and comfortable environment

The massage therapy session should be done with respect, trust, empathy, consistency, and

Before the therapy session, you will be asked to remove your clothes and given a disposable
underwear. You are to be left alone when undressing. The massage table should have a towel or
sheet that can cover your body, except for the parts that will be massaged. The massage table
should have a firm padding to make it comfortable to lie on.

During the massage therapy session, the massage therapist will use oil or lotion to reduce the
friction on your skin during the massage. If the massage includes the use of heated stones, the
temperature of the stone should be checked prior to make sure that the temperature is not too
hot or too cold.

After the massage, the massage therapist and staff should courteously leave to give you a private
space to dress up.

Your massage therapy session should be relaxing, rewarding, and healing experience. Visit your
trusted massage clinic now and enjoy a divine, quality massage therapy.