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Massage is a holistic therapy that not only releases tension from the body, but also relaxes the mind. During stressful and difficult times, you can opt for a massage therapy in Singapore to clear out your mind.

Here are the top 7 ways how massage therapy improves our mental health.

  1. Massage relieves stress.
  2. One of the known effects of massage that you could feel instantly is how it relieves your stress. The relaxing massage strokes address not only your physical fatigue but also your mental exhaustion.

    Numerous research studies have shown that massage therapy reduces stress by adjusting body processes that are involved in stress. Massage sessions cause a decrease in the heart rate, blood pressure, and cortisol levels, allowing the body and the mind to slow down and relax.

  3. Massage reduces anxiety.
  4. Massage is a recommended complementary therapy for people with anxiety. According to research studies, massage causes a significant reduction in the levels of cortisol, a hormone that is released during episodes of anxiety and stress. When there is low cortisol in the body, your mind is relieved of anxious thoughts.

    A study published in 1996 also showed that massage reduces anxiety in the workplace. Employees who participated in the study were given 15-minute chair massages in the office for 6 weeks. After the 6-week period, the employees had significantly lower anxiety levels.

  5. Massage relaxes your senses.
  6. Aside from reducing the levels of cortisol in the body, massage affects brain activity by increasing the activity of delta waves. Delta waves are brain waves that are associated with deep sleep. If there is increased activity of delta waves, this means that your brain and your senses are in relaxation mode.

  7. Massage improves your sleep quality
  8. One of the long-term effects of massage is that it improves sleep quality in all age groups. Children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly can all benefit from the sleep-enhancing effects of massage.

    Research studies showed that regular massage sessions decrease sleep disturbances, normalize sleep patterns, and reduce the incidence of insomnia.

  9. Massage improves your mood.
  10. Science reveals that massage actually makes you happy. Massage therapy causes the release of serotonin and dopamine, known as the happy hormones, to lift up your mood. Happiness can help you shift your perspectives and have a better quality of life.

  11. Massage improves brain alertness.
  12. If you are struggling in studying or concentrating, you can try massage therapy to improve your focus and academic performance.

    A research study published in 1996 showed that massage sessions resulted in increased brain alertness and improved performance in doing math computations. The participants in the study were given math problems to solve before and after the massage session, and their scores improved after receiving massage therapy.

  13. Massage enhances creativity and productivity.
  14. As massage improves your concentration, reduces your stress, and clears your mind, you become more creative and productive. It becomes easier to carry out your tasks and achieve your goals.

    Recharge your mind and body by having that calming, relaxing, and healing
    massage experience.