The Top 7 Physical Benefits of Massage - Award Winning Spa in Singapore - Healing Touch Spa

Massage is one of the earliest holistic healing techniques. Through centuries and generations, massage therapy has been recognized as an effective way to relieve physical, emotional, and mental stress. Scientific studies have also shown that massage sessions have significant clinical effects on human health.

We list here the top 7 ways how massage improves our physical health.

  1. Relieve muscle pain and tension
  2. Perhaps the most common reason why people seek massage is to relieve muscle aches and tension. Stress and tension can build up in the muscles due to exercise, long hours at work, and mental stress. If there is too much tension and stress in the muscle groups, the muscles begin to become stiff and your blood circulation may be compromised.

    Massage therapy reduces muscle tension by warming up soft tissues. The friction generated by the slow, healing massage movements increases the temperature of the soft tissues beneath the skin. Warming of the soft tissues promotes muscle relaxation, eases up the tension, stretches the muscles, and improves muscle elasticity.

  3. Calming effect on the nerves
  4. Massage therapy also induces a calming effect on the nerves to relieve the physical effects of stress. This is achieved by stimulating the relaxation response through the healing hand movements during the massage session. Massage acts like an invitation to
    the mind and body to relax. The relaxation response decreases the firing of nerve impulses. This helps in relieving muscle tension and pain.

    Massage also stimulates the parasympathetic response of the nervous system, which results in slowing down body processes, including a slower heart rate, lower blood pressure, and relaxed sweat glands.

  5. Improve blood circulation
  6. Another great health benefit of massage is that it improves blood circulation. This results in the efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the different organs. Other positive effects of good blood circulation include stronger immune system, healthy skin, and better brain function.

    All massage types have this effect, but there are special types of massage that focus on improving blood flow in the body. For example, the Moxa Signature Massage with Heated Bian Stone is a special massage type that improves blood circulation while purifying the body and relieving muscle tension. The Bojin Orthopaedic Massage is another special type of massage that promotes better blood flow while addressing common orthopaedic complaints.

  7. Better lymphatic flow
  8. As massage improves blood circulation, it also promotes the flow of lymph in the body. Improved lymphatic flow allows the efficient removal of excess fluids, bacteria, and metabolic wastes from the different body organs.

    The Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a special type of massage technique that uses slow, gentle, and monotonous hand movements. This massage type guides and accelerates the flow of lymph, body wastes, and toxic substances. Good lymphatic flow prevents fluid retention, flushes out metabolic wastes, and boosts the immune system.

  9. Lower heart rate and blood pressure
  10. One of the important effects of massage on the nervous system is that it activates the parasympathetic response. The parasympathetic response causes relaxation of the blood vessels, which result in lower heart rate and blood pressure. People who experience high amounts of stress because of work, school, or business can take advantage of these physical benefits of massage.

  11. Stabilize breathing patterns
  12. Massage also has several benefits for the respiratory system. Massage improves breathing by causing the relaxation of the diaphragm muscles. This results in a more efficient breathing pattern that promotes adequate gas exchange in the lungs. Massage also reduces muscle tension in the chest and back muscles so that the rib cage could move freely during breathing.

  13. Better posture
  14. Regular massage therapy sessions also improve posture by releasing the tension from the back muscles and the spine. People experiencing stiff neck, low back pain, and sore shoulders because of poor posture can benefit from massage therapy. Deep Tissue Massage is a special type of massage technique that targets these muscle areas. This type of massage realigns deep layers of muscles and connective tissues to relieve pain and tension caused by poor posture.