What You Need to Know Before You Get A Massage - Award Winning Spa in Singapore - Healing Touch Spa

Massage sessions offer an oasis of relaxation and bliss that we badly need during days that we feel overwhelmed with stress. Massage relieves tension from our muscles, stimulate our body to produce happy hormones, and instantly helps clear our mind from stress. While massage is a great experience in itself, you can still maximize your experience by following these simple tips.

  1. Start your day right.
  2. On your massage day, start your day right by having the right mindset. Think of your massage day as an important event for your mind and body. It is a special day to rejuvenate your senses. Do not let the stresses of the day to ruin your mood. Shift your focus on the calming massage experience that you will be getting on this special day.

  3. Arrive at the spa wellness center on time.
  4. If you have booked a massage appointment, block your schedule and arrive early at the spa wellness center. If it is your first time visiting the spa center, look up the location and the approximate travel time. It would be very helpful to contact the spa center for their recommended routes. Rushing to the spa center because you’re running late will only
    leave you in a frantic state. Your heart rate will increase as you worry about your appointment. When this happens, it would be more difficult for you to relax and calm down during your massage session proper.

  5. Explore the varied massage selections.
  6. Check the different massage types that the spa center offers. Pick an appropriate massage for your specific concern. For example, if you are experiencing muscle tension and chronic pain, you should consider having Deep Tissue Massage. If you have stiff neck and back pain, you can benefit from the Moxa Signature Massage with Heated Bian Stone. If you have already booked a specific type of massage, going through the massage list will give you an idea on what to get for your next session.

  7. Communicate with your massage therapists and other staff.
  8. Prior to your massage, talk to your massage therapists about your concerns and expectations. Let the therapist know about your allergies and other health conditions. You can also talk about your preferences when it comes to pressure, background music, and ambiance. You can also ask questions about the massage procedure.

    During the massage therapy session, do not hesitate to mention any discomfort. Keep in mind that your massage sessions should be a relaxing and comfortable experience.

  9. Maintain your focus on your massage experience
  10. Your massage session is the perfect time to focus on yourself and meditate. Turn your phone to silent mode or leave it in the locker. Forget your worries for a while and immerse yourself in the calming and relaxing effect of your massage therapy. Imagine how each massage stroke loosens up tensed muscles and joints, relieving your pain, tension, and stress. Feel the rejuvenating effect on your joints, tissues, and skin. Let the relaxing ambiance wrap you as you let your body recover from all the fatigue.

  11. Rehydrate after the massage.
  12. Drinking adequate amounts of water after your massage session will optimize the recovery of your cells and tissues. Rehydration will also help your body to flush out the wastes and toxins that have been redirected to your lymphatics during the massage session. It is best to avoid caffeine as well because it may activate your sympathetic system that will cause your muscles to tense and your heart beat to go faster. You may opt to have a warm herbal tea instead to keep those cells revitalized after the massage.

  13. Make massage a mainstay on your schedule.
  14. To truly maximize your massage experience, schedule regular massage sessions. Massage therapy works best if it is done on a regular basis. Regular massage sessions will boost your body’s ability to recuperate from stress and fatigue. Enjoy the long-term health benefits of massage by making it a mainstay on your health journey.