This New Body Treatment Will Give You Slim Figure Even Without Exercise

This New Body Treatment Will Give You Slim Figure Even Without Exercise

Having a slim, contoured figure not only boosts self-image but it also could be a testament of overall body wellness. Traditionally, achieving your body goals would require you to dedicate countless hours in the gym or have a strict diet. With the new Bodyter Premium Body Contouring technology, you can achieve a slim body even without going through intense exercise or having to sacrifice your diet.

What is Bodyter Premium Body Contouring?

Bodyter Premium Body Contouring technology is a new weight loss solution that trims fats while simultaneously builds and tones muscles. Bodyter Premium will remodel your body and help you achieve your ideal figure even without exercise.

How Does Bodyter Premium Body Contouring Work?

The technology of Bodyter Premium involves the TriActif effect, which features three major processes: thermotherapy, muscle stimulation, and electroporation.

    • Thermotherapy is the process of applying heat for healing purposes. When heat is applied to the body, different molecules and substances become activated. Among these substances are proteins involved in metabolism. Through this, thermotherapy speeds up the metabolism of stored fats in the body. Fat deposits are reduced by converting them into energy that the body can use.


    • Muscle stimulation is achieved by applying low and medium frequency electrical currents to the body. Low and medium frequency currents can break down fat deposits in the body and tone muscles at the same time. Low frequency currents mimic the effect of intensive isometric exercise, while medium frequency currents mimic the effect of intense muscle strengthening exercises. This means that you can achieve a toned body even without hitting the gym and doing actual intense exercise.


  • Electroporation is the process of temporarily opening the micropores in your skin to allow the absorption of skin nourishing and toning gels during your slimming session. This process completes the slimming effect of the Bodyter Premium Body Contouring technology.

Combining these three techniques will help you lose weight, trim fats, and tone muscles for a slim body. You can experience all these benefits without even exercising or dieting.

Why Bodyter Premium Body Contouring is for you?

The Bodyter Premium Body Contouring treatment sessions will best benefit people who cannot go to the gym because of their busy schedules. If you are a bride-to-be who wants to improve your figure and have that quick reduction in waist line, or if you are preparing for another big event, perhaps a photoshoot, graduation, or company event, or if you just want to instantly have your summer bod ready, you can count on Bodyter Premium to achieve your ideal body figure.

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