Do Slimming Spas Really Work? - Award Winning Spa in Singapore - Healing Touch Spa

Spa and wellness centers offer holistic slimming sessions that will help you achieve a healthier physique. However, many people still doubt if slimming spas really work. Let us share with you several points that prove that slimming spas are actually a practical alternative to weight loss.

  1. Slimming spas are based on scientific principles.
  2. The processes involved in slimming spa technologies were put together based on scientific principles and years of research. Let’s take for example the Bodyter Premium Body Contouring, which is a trending slimming spa in Singapore.

    The Bodyter Premium Body Contouring is a new slimming technology that tones up muscles while simultaneously reducing fat deposits. It features the TriActif effect, which is brought about by 3 key processes: thermotherapy, muscle stimulation, and electroporation. Each of these steps has a solid scientific basis.

    Thermotherapy refers to the application of heat for therapeutic purposes. Thermotherapy in the
    Bodyter technology increases the metabolism, causing the body to use the available fat deposits in tissues and convert these fats into energy. Muscle stimulation is the process of applying low to medium frequency electrical currents to the body. The low to medium frequency currents mimic the effects of exercise by stimulating the breakdown of fat deposits and promoting muscle toning and strengthening. Lastly, the electroporation process opens the micropores in the skin to allow the absorption of skin tightening gels that will be applied during the slimming session.

  3. Wellness experts and professional trainers are present during your slimming
  4. Wellness experts and professionals who have been fully trained in operating the slimming spa
    technology will accompany you during the entire treatment process. They will serve as your Slim Coach who will advise you with proven strategies to help you lose weight, reset your body to its optimum function, and increase your metabolism. Your Slim Coach is fully knowledgeable about every step in the slimming spa treatment process and can adequately explain how the slimming spa works. Your Slim Coach will guide, encourage, and support you as you progressively achieve your dream body.

  5. Slimming spas are actually a comprehensive and holistic weight loss treatment.
  6. The effects of slimming spa treatments on the body are not limited to weight loss. Let’s take the Bodyter Premium Body Contouring technology again as an example. The thermotherapy component of the Bodyter slimming treatment not only breaks down fat deposits, but also improves body circulation and relaxes the muscles, hence relieving muscle tension.

    Thermotherapy also has an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect on the muscles. Meanwhile, the muscle stimulation step soothes the muscles, which is beneficial for people experiencing muscle fatigue. The skin tightening gels that are applied during the electroporation process has anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties that make the skin look younger while you lose weight.

    The body contouring technology is only one aspect of slimming spa treatment sessions. Slimming spas offer comprehensive weight loss programs that include coaching sessions, healthy diet changes, and exercise sessions.

  7. Slimming spas not only improve your figure but also your mood and emotional well-
  8. The holistic effects of slimming spas also benefit your emotional and mental health. For
    instance, the Bodyter Premium Body Contouring technology has a thermotherapy component that mimics the relaxing effects of massage. The application of low heat to the body relieves muscle pain and tension, which helps you destress and feel relaxed. Relieving pain and tension from the body prevents the release of stress hormones. Thermotherapy also improves blood circulation by promoting the dilation of small arteries and capillaries. Good blood circulation throughout the body, including the brain, is essential in having a clear and healthy mind.

    More importantly, slimming spas have instant body-enhancing effects that will surely make you feel good about your body. Achieving your body goals and having a sense of fulfillment will definitely uplift your mood and trigger your body to produce more happy hormones.

  9. Slimming spas have long-term health benefits.
  10. Slimming spas help you achieve instant weight loss results, but the effects of slimming spas on
    your health will benefit you in the long run. Losing weight will help you prevent the consequences of obesity, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Strengthening your muscles through muscle stimulation will help in preventing muscle loss later in life. The anti-aging and rejuvenating effects of the gels used during the sessions will keep your skin supple and healthy as time goes by.

Now, the answer to the question, “Do slimming spas really work?” is a resounding “Yes”!